CULLMANN Nanomax 460M RW20 - Sistema Ibrido Treppiede-Monopiede + Testa a 3 Vie RW20



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The new NANOMAX series, the so-called series 4, consists of a total of six different tripods and one monopod with ball head. The complete series 4 convinces with even higher quality, well thought-out detailed solutions and practice oriented operation. The triangular aluminium profile for tripod legs and centre column, which ensures reliable anti-twist protection, is a special feature of all new NANOMAX models.   

High quality materials like anodized aluminium profile for tripod legs and centre column, a protecting foam padding of the upper tripod legs, aluminium die casting for tripod star, an integrated, detachable monopod, unmistakable design in combination with a compact 3-way head RW20, this is the new tripod NANOMAX 460M RW20.

Well thought-out detail solutions, such as e.g. the design of tripod legs with their triangular aluminium profile, ensure reliable anti-twist protection and thus an extremely secure stand. The integrated monopod is made of anodized aluminium tube and can be quickly and conveniently operated by means of the innovative inside clamping. The 3-fold tripod leg angle adjustment and an additional short centre column for ground level photography make the NANOMX 460M RW20 the perfect solution for macro photography. The robust rubber feet with integrated metal spikes ensure safe standing, even in inaccessible terrain. The integrated bubble level in the tripod star, as well as the modern and independent design sensibly round off the well thought out further development of the well known NANOMAX tripod series 2.

The 3-way head RW20 with the well established camera QRC-System*, which is entirely made of aluminium, is the ideal tripod head for the NANOMAX 460M. The robust camera QRC-System* of the 3-way head is secured by an additional locking lever and thus prevents accidental opening. The robust aluminium camera adapter plate with a skid resistant cork padding, retractable video pin and 1/4 inch camera fastening screw provides a safe base for fascinating shootings with CSC and medium size DSLR-cameras.

The NANOMAX 460M RW20 is the perfect universal tripod for all ambitious photo and video amateurs. With the integrated monopod, the compact 3-way head and the stable tripod it is able meet any shooting situation. Whether fascinating shots with the tripod or exciting sports/action photography with the monopod, whether CSC or DSLR camera systems or a camcorder, the NANOMAX 460M RW20 inspires with its multi-function use.

Features of the NANOMAX 460M RW20:

    Tripod star made of sturdy die cast aluminium
    Tripod legs made of anodised aluminium profiles
    Integrated monopod with convenient internal clamping
    Protective foam padding of the top tripod leg segment
    Convenient 3-stage tripod leg angle adjustment
    Integrated macro position for ground level shooting
    Additional short centre column for ground-level macro shots
    Convenient quick-action clips for comfortable tripod assembly and disassembly
    Stable and secure stand because of robust tripod leg clamping
    Skid-proof rubber feet with integrated steel spikes
    Rotatable centre column hook possible for long and short centre column
    Well legible bubble level integrated in the tripod star

    Robust aluminium 3-way head with separate 3-fold clamping
    Proven camera QRC-System* with 1/4 inch camera fastening screw
    Camera adapter plate with retractable video pin and skid resistant cork padding
    Additional protection against accidental unlocking of the camera adapter plate
    Well legible horizontal scale for precise panoramic shots
    Standard 1/4 inch tripod connection thread – suitable for products from other manufacturers
    Suitable for CSC and medium size DSLR-cameras and Camcorders


    Perfect universal tripod with detachable monopod
    Stable aluminium monopod with inside clamping
    Robust 3-way head with camera QRC-System*
    3-fold tripod leg angle adjustment incl. macro position
    Skid-proof rubber feet with integrated steel spikes
    10 year manufacturer's warranty

*QRC-System is an abbreviation for CULLMANN Quick-Release Coupling System

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168 cm

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19 cm

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55,5 cm

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135,5 cm

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4 kg


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  • Treppiede Nanomax 460M
  • Testa a 3 Vie RW20
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