SAMYANG 85mm T1.5 VDSLR AS IF UMC Cine - Sony Innesto E - 2 Anni Di Garanzia Visualizza ingrandito

SAMYANG 85mm T1.5 VDSLR AS IF UMC Cine - Sony Innesto E - 2 Anni Di Garanzia




314,90 €(iva incl.)

Complete smooth and precise filming! This cine lens gives you butterly bokeh through 8 pieces of circular aperture.

  • - hybrid aspherical lenses (H-ASP)
  • - continuous rotating type
  • - ultra multi coating(UMC)
  • - uncoupled aperture rings

The Samyang 85mm T1.5 is a manual focus prime lens, and this VDSLR (Video DSLR) version has been developed primarily for professional movie making purposes. The VDSLR version feature follow focus gearing and decoupled aperture, which allow the user to smoothly and quietly change focus and aperture / depth of field while filming. The Samyang VDSLR demonstrates phenomental performance in noise reduction.

The Samyang 85mm T1.5 is a manual focus prime lens, designed to give exceptional results at wide apertures. At T1.5 great images can be obtained, which is perfect for portraiture and low light shooting, great for full frame DSLRs..

The Samyang VDSLR Cine lenses are rated in T-Stops rather than F-stops which is the standard for professional movie camera lenses. F-stop number expresses the speed of the lens on the assumption that lens transmits 100% of the incident light, and therefore is theoretical rather than a real world measurement. The T-number expresses the actual light transmission, and thus is accurate for exposure purposes. It is also worth noting that the Samyang lenses achieve excellent transmissions properties.

The Samyang 85mm T1.5 lens design offers excellent bokeh in outfocusing field and is perfect for film and cine applications, when used wide open. Independent tests and users confirm the Samyang's beautiful bokeh excels other lenses that are 4 times the price.

The optical construction is the same as the 85mm F1.4 lens comprsing of 9 lenses in 7 optical groups. The Samyang 85mm is designed with internal focusing (IF) so lens does not increase in size when focusing. A further positive aspect to internal focusing as opposed to external focusing (or zooming) is that the lens is much less likely to get dust inside. Lenses allows the user to easily change focus during filming.

The focus ring features toothed rings compatible with professional geared follow focus systems available in the film industry and likewise a toothed, decoupled (de-clicked) aperture ring. Such modifications allow for smooth and precise control over focus and aperture during video recording / filming. This allows for ultimate manual control of focus and exposure when filming from one scene to another with different light source intensities, such as changing exposure values (EVs) from inside to outside, or even in-camera fade ins etc.

The Samyang VDSLR versions can be used in still photography as well as for video purposes. The Samyang 85mm T1.5 lens should be a serious consideration to all professional or amateur photographers requiring a fast prime lens at affordable price range.

Available mounts: Nikon, Canon EOS/M, Sony α/E, Pentax K, Fujifilm X, Samsung NX, Four-Thirds, Micro Four-Thirds. Filter size: 72mm


35mm full-frame

Lunghezza focale



Max: T1.5

Min: f/22


Lamelle diaframma


Minima distanza di fuoco

3.6' (1.1 m)

Massa a fuoco


Anglo di visione

Full-frame: 28.3°

APS-C/DX: 19.1°

APS-C/Canon: 17.7°

Costruzione lente

9 elementi in 7 gruppi (con 1 lente asferica)

Diametro filtro

72 mm



Dimensioni (Diam. x L)

3.07 x 2.94" (7.80 x 7.47 cm)


20.46 oz (580 g)

  • Samyang 85mm T1.5 Cine
  • Tappo frontale
  • Tappo posteriore
  • Paraluce
  • Custodia morbida